Keep your HTML files clean and neat by removing unnecessary characters, like extra spaces, quotation marks, or end tags with this small tool.

  • HTML Tidy
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  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mat Diesel

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HTML Tidy Description

HTML Tidy is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you detect errors, format and clean HTML files of whitespace, obsolete characters, quotation marks as well as end tags.

Comes with a CLI interface but does not require you to enter commands

The setup is quick, uneventful and does not need any special attention from your part. While you can access the application immediately after launch, you should know that the tool does not come with an interface, but rather a command-line console UI pops up and displays the actions being performed.

Unfortunately, the program does not include options or settings, so that you can select the closing tags that you would like to delete, for instance. Moreover, it would have been useful if the tool allowed you to replace tags with something else, such as pre-formatted text markup tags or non-HTML content, for example.

As a side note, it would be helpful if the tool came with an interface so that you can perform these changes more efficiently, regardless of your experience with the Windows console.

Automatically removes whitespace and highlight errors

The idea behind the application is to provide you with a quick way to clean several likely mistakes you are likely to make when writing code in HTML. To be more precise, you can remove unnecessary whitespace, closing remarks added, indenting data, re-lining and correcting tags. At the same time, the tool reads the data and notifies you in case the file contains errors.

You should know that the app corrects only one file at a time and it would be nice if it included a batch function so that you can process as many HTML files as possible. Then again, the tool is as straightforward as possible and it does not require you have advanced programming knowledge to use, especially since everything is done automatically.

A straightforward utility for reviewing HTML files

If you want to make the gross corrections of an HTML file you wrote the source code for before proofreading it for less-obvious errors, then perhaps HTML Tidy could come in handy.

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