HTML Minifier

Minify your HTML code, Razor views and Web Forms views, reducing file size and speeding up your websites, with this lightweight command-line tool.

  • HTML Minifier
  • Version:1.8
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Dean Hume

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HTML Minifier Description

HTML code can contain lots of unnecessary data, such as white spaces, new line characters and comments; while these make the code easier to read and understand, they increase file size and, as a result, page load times.

HTML Minifier is a very small command-line utility that enables you to optimize HTML code by removing unnecessary characters. It can process multiple files at once and allows you to disable various features if you wish to keep certain types of content.

Very simple to use, whether optimizing a single file or an entire folder

Once you have opened a Command Prompt window, you just need to enter the program’s path and the location of the file or folder to be processed. The original files are overwritten, so make sure to create backups beforehand.

HTML Minifier is capable of optimizing files from one or more folders in one operation, as well as processing individual HTML files from multiple locations. However, aside from the confirmation message, no other feedback is provided.

Disable certain features using simple arguments

By default, the application removes all HTML, JavaScript and Knockout comments; these can increase file size significantly, but they are often still useful. Thankfully, you can have the program ignore specific types of comments.

The generated files can be very difficult to read, so you may also want to limit the number of characters per line and force a break at certain points; this is done by specifying the maximum number of characters that should be allowed per line.

A complete list of supported arguments, as well as usage examples, is available here. It might have helped if some documentation were available locally or accessible through a console command.

Simple code minifier for web designers

Overall, HTML Minifier is a great tool for removing unnecessary content from your HTML code, and it is not difficult to use, provided you don’t mind the lack of a GUI.

It would have helped if more feedback were provided and some instructions were included, but this is a reliable, no-nonsense utility that gets the job done.

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