HP System Software Manager

Automatically detect and update device drivers with this easy-to-use application that can help IT administrators keep client PCs up-to-date.

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HP System Software Manager Description

HP System Software Manager is a reliable and effective utility that helps you deploy software update packages, replicate BIOS settings across multiple client computers and run reports to compare software updates.

The application provides you with a stable and practical PC environment for your HP PCs, notebooks and workstations. It automatically detects all the out-of-date BIOS and system software and updates them to their latest version with ease. However, the updating process can take place remotely, running in the background so it does not interfere with any other software.

HP System Software Manager has two modes of operation, namely Administrative and Update. When you first start the utility, it will load in the Administrative Mode, showing up all the management capabilities.

Using this mode you have the possibility to specify the file store directory, then enable all the client options you are interested in such as ‘Create centralized log file share’ or ‘Display update status bar on client system’. After that, you are able to enter the setup password for your clients, which is used to protect the system ROM from unauthorized updates.

The ‘Update Mode’ uses information from the database in order to determine which software is applicable for a specific client system. The application attempts to match EXE and CVA files in the file store (which was specified when using the Administrative Mode) and updates the client system with ease.

Thus, by using HP System Software Manager you are able to deploy custom-created update packages and log the changes made to each computer.

To wrap it up, HP System Software Manager proves to be an effective solution specially designed for IT administrators who need to automatically deploy software updates and track updates supplied to individual client PCs, collecting these reports at a central location.

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