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Design and print your own anniversary cards, custom calendars and make collages with your best memories seamlessly with this intuitive tool.

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HP Photo Creations Description

Without denying the amazing capabilities of viral marketing and online advertisement tools, nothing can beat an amazingly designed flyer or brochure that is handed out to you. HP Photo Creations

does not only lend you a hand with printed marketing materials, but it can also help you design numerous other photo keepsakes such as photo books, calendars or greeting cards.

Includes stylish, yet not so well-organized interface

Following a quick setup, you come face to face with a relatively crowded welcome window that can give the impression that you are in the wrong place. At closer inspection, you can preview the navigation bar in the upper part that enables you to select the type of product to start your project.

You should know that the categories include several items and you can check them out in detail by accessing them. It would have been nice if the program came with a dashboard-like UI that featured the toolbar on one of the sides and enabled you to check out the products in the viewing area.

Provides you with numerous templates to enhance your photos

While the welcome window can be confusing, the same cannot be said about the editor panel that consists of a working area and numerous toolbars all around it for easy access. The menus are intuitive and clear, so you should not have any issues navigating.

The highlight of the application stems from the impressive number of layouts, items, themes and designs available. You can add as many photos as you want to your collage and edit – cropping or altering the brightness, contrast, red-eye removal, etc. – each of them individually. Depending on the event or project, you can also add a meaningful message using one of the many nice fonts available.

A great for anyone looking for fun photo ideas

Regardless of whether you need it for your job or you just enjoy creating photo keepsakes for various occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, HP Photo Creations enables you to design and print your project fast and smoothly.

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