Hover Zoom for Chrome

Easily zoom in on any thumbnail when hovering it with the mouse with the help of this Chrome extension that saves you from clicking around.

  • Hover Zoom for Chrome
  • Version :5.26.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Romain Vallet

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Hover Zoom for Chrome Description

If you want to be in the loop with the latest news, your reading speed should be lightning fast, what with the massive amounts of content lying out there waiting to be digested by avid consumers.

That is why any trick helping you save time when browsing for engaging articles matters. One of them is Hover Zoom for Chrome, a browser extension that allows you to zoom in on any thumbnail so that you no longer chaotically switch from one page to another.

Time-saving Chrome addon that zooms in on thumbnails

As mentioned, Hover Zoom is an addon that banks on any user’s wish to cut on the waiting times they spend online since it is able to enlarge photos without the need to click on them. In fact, all you need to do is hover them with the mouse cursor, with the said picture showing up for closer inspection.

As you can see, using this browser extension requires no special experience. However, there are a few settings you can check out in order to customize its behavior. To be more specific, you may, first of all, specify the delay before displaying an image as well as the duration of the fading animation.

You can select the position of the zoomed image, opt to see picture caption, as well as choose the quality level of you photo. Note that if you want to be provided with high-resolution results, the process will be a little bit more time-consuming.

Supports the use of hotkeys for extra control

What’s more, you can check an option offering to zoom in on videos as well, with the possibility of muting them so that they don’t become intrusive in any way.

Another great aspect about this Chrome extension is that it comes with a blacklist as well as a whitelist, letting you filter the websites that should respond. Another goodie is related to the fact that you can censor NSFW images you find on Reddit.

Besides, for ease of navigation, Hover Zoom enables you to employ hotkeys in order to carry out multiple tasks in a limited amount of time. If you are curious, we can provide you with a few highlights. You can enable or disable the app, open an image in a new window, save it, activate full zoom if the picture comes in high resolution, and more, all using commands triggered by keys you get to choose.

Handy browser extension that prevents you from clicking around

All in all, Hover Zoom for Chrome is a handy addon that should make online navigation more comfortable since it helps you view zoomed-in versions of images you find anywhere on the Internet without the effort of extra clicks.

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