Hotel Management System

Keep all the data associated with your hotel in one place for more efficient management and quick access with this comprehensive application.

  • Hotel Management System
  • Version : 6.91 Build
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BistoneSoft

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Hotel Management System Description

From reservations and cancellations to managing special menus for lunch or dinner, being a hotel manager is anything but an easy task. Moreover, processing the information from various sources to ensure everything is alright is likely to give you some sleepless nights.

Hotel Management System is a tool that enables you to keep all the data associated with your hotel or inn in one place and have it readily available whenever you need it.

Feature-rich, yet intuitive interface

The installation is simple, straightforward and does not require special attention from your part. Upon launch, you are asked to configure the application by filling in various types of information about the rooms, services, staff and guests.

Since the app allows you to add as much information as necessary to the elements above, you should know that this activity can take some time, especially if you are running a medium-sized or large hotel.

In addition, you cannot register a new reservation without having the other fields filled in first. Unfortunately, at times this requires you exit the fields you already worked on to add the extra info from another tab, a feature that could use some work.

Enables you to generate numerous reports

Besides helping you keep all hotel data in one place, the program also enables you to generate a plethora of reports. Irrespective of whether you want to check out the monthly sale report, the occupancy ratio or the service type summary, you can do it seamlessly.

It is necessary to mention that the reports can be helpful when you want to determine the overall success of your business. Moreover, they can aid you to identify weak and strong periods during the year, so you can come up with a marketing plan to attract more guests.

On a side note, the reports can be exported to HTML, Excel or plain text format, so you can analyze them later on.

A comprehensive tool for hotel managers

Even though it might take some time to fill in all data required, Hotel Management System is an extensive program that comes with all the tools you need to store info and improve the way you run your hotel in the long run.

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