Simple solution for checking the hosts file and editing it through a simple or an advanced editor so that specific domains are blocked or boosted.

  • hostsController
  • Version:3.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:VanceLanceDance

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hostsController Description

One of the easiest ways to block access to a certain web address from your computer is to edit the hosts file. The importance of this document is oftentimes neglected because modifying it requires diving deep into the folders of the operating system and most users do not understand its purpose.

Editing hosts file

hostsController is a simple editing solution that can help even the less experienced users manage the hosts file on their computer.

It features both a simple and a more advanced editor. The former can be used to lift a restriction quick and easy. The second one shows the entire hosts file and allows editing any line in it.

There is no limit to the amount of blocked domains that can be added to the list and to make sure that the information is not lost forever there is the possibility to back it up to a safe location.

Moreover, the application is capable of running the backup routine automatically and to give the resulting file a user-defined name.

Extended functionality through add-ons

Apart from letting you edit the hosts file, the application also makes available the option to download and apply add-ons, which are ready-made files designed to block access to adult-only domains, social networking or advertisement providers.

To protect access to the program by unauthorized persons the developer included password protection, although this would not extend over the hosts file itself.


It is a simple application that caters for some important needs. There is sufficient documentation for the less seasoned users to pick up things fast and without too much effort. Support for add-ons makes it more powerful than most other programs in the same category.

It is available in English and French. We experienced an occasional crash but otherwise the application is stable.

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