Hornil StylePix Pro

A reliable and practical image editor that has all the features of raster graphics editor with a lightweight design and user-friendly interface.

  • Hornil StylePix Pro
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Hornil Co

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Hornil StylePix Pro Description

Regardless of much experience you have with computers, you probably know at least some methods or apps that you can use to edit an image, even if all you know is to crop it or draw arrows and text messages on top of it. Hornil StylePix Pro can help you perform these and other more advanced operations, without requiring you to be an expert in handling the PC.

It installs without any issues and you can start browsing the image folders on your computer, looking for the picture you want to enhance – due to the displayed thumbnails, you can easily identify it, even if you have numerous graphic files in the same directory.

Once you selected the picture, you can start experimenting with the functions of Hornil StylePix Pro. If you are not familiar with graphic editors and you cannot guess which icon should be used for which action, you can hover your mouse pointer over each of them and a caption will be displayed.

You can start by cropping the source image to the dimensions you need, or according to one of the templates provided within Hornil StylePix Pro. Next, you can rotate or flip the picture, then overlay various objects, such as shapes (circles, rectangles, arrows, polygons or stars) or text messages.

You can also rely on the brush to highlight some areas of the picture, while blurring or smudging some other ones. Resizing the source image or inserting a new one can be achieved with only a few mouse clicks, as well as cancelling the previous modifications.

Your creativity will be put to test when it comes to selecting the filters that can bring out the best in your image, so you will probably need to experiment with most of them first: pixelate, add noise, sharpen, distort, solarize or turn to sketch.

It is only up to you how good your picture will look after you modify it with Hornil StylePix Pro, but keep in mind that you can also process several pics at the same time.

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