A powerful utility designed to provide a comprehensive environment where HL7 data can be loaded, viewed and transformed with minimal efforts.

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Hl7Spy Description

Transferring and sharing information is done in a variety of manners and data collected and stored in a certain format can be transformed in such a manner that it becomes accessible for all interested parties, even if they use different means of handling the data.

Patient information, for example, can be exchanged between hospitals as long as it is compliant with certain standards, like those of the Health Level 7 (HL7) organization. There are even dedicated software solutions for dealing with that specific format and Hl7Spy is one of them.

Practical interface with a well organized layout

The functions and commands that help operate this application are neatly stacked, according to the task they are made for, each in its corresponding menu and some of the more commonly used can be accessed straight from the right-click menu.

The main window is split into two parts, one hosting the data from the loaded hl7 file and the other dedicated to the detailed information on display and selected.

Customize the views and manage data with loads of tools

Hl7Spy is fully equipped to handle pretty much any compatible aggregation of data sent its way and for this purpose it features a segment editor, a statistics module, a comparison area, HL7 SQL and custom code management tools, as well as an SQL loader and an FTP browser.

Insofar as the other components of this utility are concerned, it is well furnished to carry out operations like merging, splitting or sorting data, adding watches and performing a variety of statistics calculations.

A powerful application for decoding and reading HL7 information

Overall, Hl7Spy manages to provide all the necessary instruments for working with a really special type of data in a straightforward manner. Nonetheless, it is mostly addressed to professionals, who can understand and use the information correctly.

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