A practical sequencer designed to help you compose your own songs using custom samples, record audio, and generate output WAV tracks.

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HitFactor Description

Using digital tools to create music can be done in various ways. From simple mixers to advanced editing suites, artists have at their disposal numerous tools to generate new melodies. Addressing simpler needs is HitFactor, a practical music sequencer that allows its users to create WAV songs from custom samples, or by employing the built-in MIDI keyboard.

A lightweight solution for song creation

The program features a simple and straightforward GUI layout, with the multiple samples employed located in the bottom of the main window, while the equalizer, volume control, and MIDI keyboard elements are placed in an upper central position. A notable feature is the built-in text editor, which can be employed to create lyrics for the newly written song.

Most of the standard options one would expect to find in an audio editor are available to users, such as the play controllers (the program can also be used to listen to tracks), as well as pitch, modulation, balance, and volume MIDI operators.

Supports 12 tracks with eight loop boxes

‘Solo’ and ‘mute’ options are available for each sample and, all in all, there are 12 tracks with eight loop boxes for each track slot. Also, each loop box contains 16 ‘small start cells’ that can be used to give the output song a distinctive flavor.

“Randomize” and “Divide” buttons can also be used to generate original content and a reset function allows users to return the sequencer to its original layout. Unfortunately, the program only supports WAV output formats; the song lyrics – if any, are saved to a separate TXT document.

A practical music sequencer for hobbyists

To conclude, HitFactor is a simple tool for anyone who requires a music sequencer. The program can manage 12 tracks with eight loop boxes for each track slot at any time and randomize options allow users to create novel sounds. Lyrics can also be written from within the program and output formats can take on the WAV extension.

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