HiPER Calc

A high-precision scientific calculator that allows you to estimate square roots, trigonometrical functions, as well as custom logarithms.

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HiPER Calc Description

HiPER Calc is a lightweight tool that enables you to instantly calculate the results to complex equations and functions. The software features several mathematical and trigonometric functions, that you may apply even to high numbers. Moreover, the application offers customizable decimal precision.

Custom layout and usage

HiPER Calc features a straight-forward interface, displaying the main numbers and the functions in separate blocks. By default, it comes in the form of a pocket calculator, but you may switch the layout from portrait, to landscape or expanded view. The expanded mode features room for more functions, better separation for functions and names for the blocks.

For instance, the Numeral System block allows you to select the desired option: binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal. Other blocks are the goniometric functions, powers and logarithms, division options, combinatorics, fractions or unit conversion. Additionally, you can set the decimal precision of the result, by filling in the FIX mode, SIC and ENG (SI) mode fields.

Scientific functions at your disposal

HiPER Calc supports performing simple or complex calculations even with high numbers with numbers featuring up to 100 digits for the significand value and 9 for the exponent set. The Physical constants table displays commonly used values, such as the Faraday constant or the Newtonian value of gravitation. Another useful function is the results history, which stores the recently calculated values.

HiPER Calc supports estimating combinations, permutations, logarithms, trigonometry or hyperbolic functions, powers and roots. It also works with negative numbers and can calculate decimals with high accuracy. The application offers fixed point, scientific functions or engineering display format. Moreover, you can calculate the powers of the number ‘e’, you may use Pi or estimate percentages.

Simple to use scientific calculator

HiPER Calc is lightweight, portable and allows you to customize its interface as well as the numbers display. You may set the decimal precision by manually filling in the dedicated fields and work even with high numbers, in the landscape mode. Additionally, you may calculate complex equations, with the help of the braces and parentheses. The application also features comprehensive tooltips for each function.

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