Hikvision DSFilters

Analyze, extract or decode audio and video signals from your Hikvision device and play the resulting content by turning to this reliable COM component.

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Hikvision DSFilters Description

Hikvision DSFilters is a COM component that was designed to help medium to advanced computer users enjoy multimedia content from their Hikvision devices without encountering compatibility issues.

Setting up this pack can be accomplished by simply defining a destination path on the target computer and following the on-screen instructions provided by the installer. Alternatively, users can opt to install the filters on their machines without relying on the installer utility, by manually registering each of its components. However, doing so requires a certain level of PC operating skills.

Hikvision DSFilters was developed by using Microsoft DirectShow technology. Therefore, it features multiple joint capabilities. By turning to this filter collection, users are able to handle Hikvision-specific content by extracting, analyzing and decoding digital audio or video signals.

After successfully deploying the utility on their computers, users can enjoy content that they extracted from their Hikvision devices in a seamless manner. Since it is a filter collection and features no executable component, it is possible to benefit from its capabilities by integrating it into any supported multimedia player, for instance Windows Media Player.

After integrating the filters into their desired player, users can play Hikvision-specific content directly on their PCs, such as video or audio files, as well as live streams.

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