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Effortlessly manage, record, view and set a set of rules or triggers that automatically stream the footage from the connected cameras.

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HeroSpeed CMS Description

HeroSpeed CMS is a central control software solution that enables you to manage all cameras connected to a network as well as record footage that you can preview later on.

Easy setup and user-friendly interface

Even though it needs to install a few components, the setup is simple, straightforward and should not give you any trouble. You should know that on the first launch, you are prompted to set a username and password that you are going to use each time you want to change the settings or close the application.

The program comes with a versatile GUI that you can customize according to the number of surveillance cameras that are connected to the network. In other words, you can specify the quantity of monitoring channels and the display mode from the screen division and polling toolbar section located in the lower part of your screen.

It allows you to manage all cameras connected smoothly

You will be happy to learn that adding or removing devices is a fairly intuitive, irrespective of the fact that you need to add gadgets manually. In other words, you can specify the name, IP, type, channels, HTTP port, stream port as well as a username and password to add a new surveillance camera. Alternatively, you can access the Online Detect Device function and confirm the gadgets that you want to include in the CMS app.

A noteworthy feature of the application is that you can configure each device to alert you and start streaming footage automatically when it detects the triggers you set. You can associate the cameras and other relevant data by accessing the Configuration menu. While it is not applicable in all cases, the idea is to have the alarm window pop out when it detects the triggers you set.

A tool that can be useful when handling a camera network

All in all, if you are in charge of security and would like to manage NVR, IPCAM or other types of surveillance cameras from the same location and more efficiently, then perhaps HeroSpeed CMS could lend you a hand.

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