HelpNDoc Personal Edition

A useful and easy-to-use application worth having when you need to quickly create complete help files, manuals, documentations and eBooks.

  • HelpNDoc Personal Edition
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  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher : IBE Software

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HelpNDoc Personal Edition Description

Creating documentations, like help files, user manuals or any similar type of resource would not be possible without utilities that can collect the necessary information and piece it together in a universally recognizable form.

One such tool is like HelpNDoc Personal Edition and the purpose it was designed to serve becomes evident just by looking at its name.

Create help from a nice and well structured interface

Once you get this application up and running, you will be greeted by a friendly GUI, that manages to successfully combine a pleasant look with a practical layout.

The ribbon-style menu holds all the functions of HelpNDoc Personal Edition neatly stacked under relevant tabs, so as to make them easier to reach and use.

Most of the workspace is reserved for the content management area, but there’s enough space on the sides to accommodate the table of contents, which is vital to any help file and also two more panels, one for the keywords and the other a library of elements that can be inserted into the project.

Project analysis capabilities and advanced tools for complex tasks

If you find building a new project from scratch too difficult a job, you can use one of the templates HelpNDoc Personal Edition comes with. Also, in case you wish to customize these models, there is a dedicated module called ‘Templates Editor’ you can put to good use.

This program also supports importing content directly from documents in many formats, including CHM, DOC, HTML, TXT or RTF. In case you have several files that have to be added to the project, the folder import feature should do the trick.

After all the text and graphic content is added to the project, you can review it thanks to the built-in ‘Project analyzer’

A comprehensive utility for authoring documentations

HelpNDoc Personal Edition is certainly among the best applications you can find for creating help in a wide variety of formats. It is really easy to work with and supports everything from CHM, HTML and PDF up to Epub or Kindle types.

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