Helpinator Lite

Authoring tool that performs help document compilations which can be written in multiple languages and later exported to CHM and HTML file format.

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Helpinator Lite Description

Helpinator Lite is a help file publisher and creator. It eliminates the work users have to do when writing help documents.

Well-structured interface

Right from the start the program shows everything a user needs to in order to design a help file. Despite the large number of links available in the tool’s main window, only two are of great importance: the ‘New Project’ and ‘Open Project.’ The rest are mostly links that provide quick access to tutorials.

Great setup options

When someone attempts to write a new help document, he is prompted to enter the document’s title, default language (which is usually English), and, the most important part, additional languages.

This feature allows users to generate help files straight into multiple languages from the get-go, without bothering to hire translators or additional writers. Afterward, the writer can choose the output file format, and that’s about it.

Filled with helpful features

Users can write each topic of the help document separately. The utility automatically creates a tree of topics for the writer which he has to fill with his own words. By default, Helpinator Lite creates a standard help file that can help the writer fill in to get accustomed with this sort of standard, but later on that can be changed or remade from the ground up in order to satisfy customers.

When it comes to configuration settings, the application allows users to compile a CHM document which is basically an HTML supported file. This links all your articles based on keywords for a better orientation inside the overall help segment of a program. Additionally, users can generate headers and choose one of the UI default languages. Projects can be saved only to formats like HPZ and HP3 files.


Helpinator Lite is a great tool for a very specific task: writing help documents for various applications. It can do it in multiple languages at once and can quickly compile projects to CHM files. It also offers a comprehensive layout so users simply have to work in a predefined help document template. Overall, this is a great program that just makes life easier for a lot of developers out there.

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