Manage educational institutes and schools with a complete set of tools oriented at students, courses, employees, and even finances.

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HDSchool Description

Since there’s a computer in nearly any domain of activity, it’s sure to enhance work given the right set of programs. Even schools benefit from specialized applications to make management safer and more comfortable, and HDSchool is a suitable example in this regard.

Fill in all your institute details

One first note is that the application requires .NET Framework to function, but since it’s delivered as a default feature in modern Windows iterations, it’s most likely already on your computer.

The first launch of the application lets you choose the start method, which can be with a blank database, or a sample one to get you started. On the bright side of things, a great variety of item databases are fitted with an import function in case you already have sets of data lying around.

Truth be told, you can feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of data which needs to be filled in for every item. There are four item menus in total, each containing a minimum of 6 items, which counts as a lot. On the bright side of things, this makes for a complete management of an educational institute.

Interconnected item databases for comfortable management

It doesn’t really matter in what order you decide to add data. As such, you get to include details about institute, school, course, student, subject, employee, department, items, fee, sticker, bank account, stock, supplier, email template, salary statement, schedule, exam, library, time table, admission fee, exam grading, attendance, homework, and a lot more.

All of these small databases are neatly linked together, so that data becomes much easier to manage once all groups and info fields are properly filled in. The application is dedicated to management of the entire institute, being able to handle monetary transactions of all sorts, handle employees and their attendance and salary, as well as students, their activity, grades, and courses.

The database is usually saved on exit, and a backup can also be created in case you decide to migrate to a different computer. Reports can be generated either from a template or customizing items to display. What’s more, there’s an online service parents can access and review children activities and grades.

A few last words

Bottom line is that even educational institutes greatly benefit from the enhancement of the computer, and HDSchool is the application to prove it. Even though initial data management can feel a little overwhelming, it comes with features for a complete management of schools, employees, finances, and students.

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