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Easily manage bills, stocks and transactions from the same location and print invoices in the regional languages of your customers with this app.

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HDPOS smart Description

More often than note, the accounting constitutes a critical component of running your business efficiently. Therefore, if you want to make sure all records are kept accurately in the same place, then one alternative to consider is a POS application.

HDPOS smart is an application designed to lend you a hand with managing your inventory, stock, invoices, bills and payments due effortlessly from the same location.

Simple setup and easy to navigate GUI

Following a straightforward installation, you are welcomed by a clean and user-friendly interface. In spite of the that that it is not overly complicated, it might take some time before you get accustomed to the icons in the toolbar, especially as not all of them are representative for the function they are associated with.

The main window is designed as an invoice that includes a list of the products that are purchased or sold along with their prices with and without tax. While in the upper section you can preview the contact data and name of the company, in the right side you can analyze the grand total and change quantities and products as needed.

Allows you to manage your stock more efficiently

A noteworthy feature of the application is that it provides you with a simple means to monitor your stock and make the necessary corrections whenever necessary. Therefore, you can transfer products from one department to another, print barcode stickers directly or view the drill down in your database.

In addition, the app allows you to export the list of items available to Excel with just one click, an option that can come in handy for anyone making the transition from spreadsheets to professional software solutions. Lastly, the program enables you to manage inventory in different godowns and transfer them without too much hassle, as the transfer document is hold on progress.

A handy app for managing financial transactions

HDPOS smart is a feature rich piece of software that enables you to manage your inventory and generate accounting reports on your company’s financial transactions, all from the same location.

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