An easy to use software solution that helps you find files and folders on your computer by creating filters or by entering names.

  • Hddb
  • Version :4.4.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :zzl

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Hddb Description

When working on a computer on a daily basis, you gradually end up having countless files and folders that you might not even remember you have, let alone know where they are located.

This is why, when looking for a certain item, you need the help of a dedicated software utility such as Hddb to find it within seconds, rather than within minutes or even hours.

Find files by specifying only part of their name

The application comes with a user-friendly graphic interface and you only need to enter a keyword so that it displays all the matching results. It needs to be mentioned that it might take a little while until it indexes the data on your PC for the first time, unless you set it to process only a certain drive.

The perk resides in the fact that it also supports wildcards, which means that you do not need to know the full name of the file – it is enough if you only remember a part of it and its extension, as Hddb can quickly find the one file you are looking for.

When showing the list with all the detected matches, the app also displays their full path, size and the date when they were last modified (and the same goes for folders, not only files).

Export file lists to TXT

You can also use Hddb as a utility for analyzing disk space, as it can not only show the size of your files and folders, but it also allows you to export the current list to TXT for later examination.

When previewing the results, you can copy the details of a single record to the clipboard, then paste it whenever you see fit.


All in all, Hddb can come in handy when you want to find a very specific file on your PC and you only remember part of its name. The app’s features resemble the ones of Everything, yet it starts faster (since it does not rebuild its index every time you run it) and it also displays the size of folders.

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