HAZS – Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment Management

An application that enables substance inspectors create databases and manage their employees, reports as well as create risk assessments.

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HAZS – Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment Management Description

Risky substances can cause a lot of damage if they are not handled with care, or if they are not properly labeled by trained, authorized personnel. There are many measures that need to be recorded in specialized software solutions to make sure they do not represent a threat.

Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment Management enables you to identify hazards and evaluate the situation to minimize risks and protect the environment.

Create assessments and manage your company

The creation of a risk assessment implies a variety of steps and information that you need to provide, such as substance details, process description and staff briefing. You can enter the nature of exposure, required control measures and hazard classification, as well as many other vital information regarding the classification of the substance.

The application enables you to create and manage your company using the available menus and options, as well as add locations, grades, teams and employees to your company. All of them are completely editable and customizable according to your needs.

Create and print detailed reports

Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment Management allows you to create various types of assessment and organizational setup reports, as well as preview them inside the application before printing them.

The preview function can be used to display review dates and overdue reports, staff lists, companies, locations and departments. You can also print a blank assessment to complete it by hand or to use as an example.


Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment Management is a fully-featured professional application dedicated to those who work in the risk management domain and have to deal with dangerous substances.

The user interface is based on Microsoft Access forms and reports and it is responsive and intuitive for all practical purposes.

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