View system information, diagnose and put everything to the test, all with this easy to use, set of utilities all wrapped into one pleasant application..

  • Version : Build 2350
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ultimate Systems srl

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HARDiNFO Description

Devices are available in a large variety of models, each with its specific configuration. Of course, a whole lot more drivers are needed in order for devices to properly run, and exclude any compatibility issues. Acquiring information about your system is important in order for updates to be done, and such info can be gathered by applications like HARDiNFO.

Everything you need to know about your computer

Right from the start, you are left in the “System Overview” tab where general info can be found. However, you can go into greater detail. Every part of your computer has a different tab, including the operating system your are currently using. Where available, options to improve certain aspects are put at your disposal.

Furthermore, services and processes can also be viewed, and even terminated, but this only works for services. In addition, if you are using a laptop, battery info can be viewed, as well as PCMCIA Controller.

Put your devices to the test

Other than being able to start and stop services running on your computer, there is also a “Benchmark” tab in which literally everything can be put to the test. From the speed of your CPU to the video card performance, you can find out how it works under given conditions, and acquired info can be saved, compared with others, and even online.

For an even greater variety of options to view and edit info on your computer, you can simply open useful system tools like DirectX diagnostics, Registry Editor, and more, from the “Tools” menu.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that HARDiNFO is a handy utility for gathering anything you need to know about your system and peripherals. With its user friendly interface, and ability to put everything under the scope, it makes for a worthy utility. It lives up to its full potential and is a neat adviser in case you decide to make any changes to your computer.

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