HanExoft TV

Watch television in your browser with the help of this lightweight, that offers you access to numerous channels at the push of a button.

  • HanExoft TV
  • Version :2015.3.8
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Joseph Yunyu Han

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HanExoft TV Description

HanExoft TV is a very simple and easy to understand piece of software whose main function consists of bringing together a variety of online television channels and allowing you to watch them in your browser.

Portability advantages

Since setup is not required for this application, you can easily launch it and start working with it immediately after download, no waiting needed.

As a consequence, HanExoft TV can be stored and run from any folder, without leaving a trace on the host system; this way, it can be removed through simple deletion.

Clean and intuitive looks

Regarding its appearance, the utility comes in the shape of a medium-sized window, slightly resembling a remote control, featuring over fifty online buttons, grouped in rows of three each. It positions itself in the upper right corner of the desktop and can be hidden out of sight.

On the lower edge of the window, HanExoft TV features a shutdown component, enabling you to ensure that if you were to fall asleep while watching television, your PC would also power off.

Watch online TV with a single button press

The tool lists numerous Internet channels on a variety of topics (news, cartoons, sports, politics, and others), organizing them alphabetically for easier access. To view a particular one, you can just click on the corresponding button and HanExoft TV will open it in your default browser.

One inconvenient in working with this program resides in the act that there is little to no tinkering allowed. As such, you cannot add new channels or remove existing one, nor can you alter the way they are organized, for instance.

To make sure your PC does not stay on even after you’re done watching television, the utility also offers a ‘Shutdown Computer’ component enabling you to choose the number of minutes it should stay on, the minimum duration being 10 minutes, while the maximum amount of time you can schedule it for is 2 hours.

A useful tool giving you quick access to online TV websites

To sum it up, HanExoft TV is a practical and effective application that you can use to find and watch online television, acting a bit like a remote control that lets you open a channel with just one button push.

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