Handy Toddler

Help your children make better sense of the world around them and get them to improve their critical thinking, with this fun educational application.

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Handy Toddler Description

We often fail to realize just how difficult it must be for children to understand the world around them. No matter how patient you are, and how many questions you answer, it sometimes feels like they have one more thing to ask.

Handy Toddler is a useful educational application that can help preschool children learn various concepts and improve their critical thinking by completing numerous fun activities.

User-friendly application that requires no experience with computers

The lessons included in Handy Toddler are far from complex, which is understandable, given the application’s target user base. Essentially, if your children are old enough to use a computer, but not old enough for public education, this program can help them out.

The user interface has a very straightforward layout, and the application advances to the next exercise automatically, which means that minimal user input is required.

Offers a collection of fun games for your children to complete

Handy Toddler can help your children learn more about colors, shapes, size, numbers, words, letters, differences and more. The lessons only require the use of a standard computer mouse, and they can normally be completed with just one or two clicks.

A voice recording provides useful explanations and encouragements, while the animated companion offers feedback through non-verbal reactions. Children can also earn stickers when completing lessons, giving them an additional reason to stick to the task at hand.

If the user does not know how to solve a certain problem, the solution is provided after a certain amount of time automatically.

Offers simple, colorful graphics

Young children are easily distracted, but the application’s eye-catching graphics should help keep them interested for more than a few minutes at a time.

Overall, Handy Toddler is a great educational application designed to help parents teach certain simple concepts to their children by having them complete a series of fun exercises. It is very intuitive, which means that your children should be able to use it even without adult supervision.

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