Handy Backup

An easy-to-use and professional application designed to backup, restore and synchronize your data from any hard or portable drives.

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  • Publisher:Novosoft LLC

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Handy Backup Description

Handy Backup is a system tool designed as a means to quickly and easily create both small and large backup sessions for your system or important files. With it you can perform independent as well as scheduled backups for any files and store them on your computer, an external drive, FTP service or cloud storage system.

User-friendly interface

As far as looks go, Handy Backup doesn’t really excel in comparison to other products that provide the same functions but unlike a lot of them it gains bonus points for ease of use and task configuration.

Its main window is separated into sections that provide a detailed view on active backup tasks along with a complete log on their execution and it also offers quick access to commonly used features.

Backup, restore and synchronize data in an easy way

Handy Backup is capable of performing all three aforementioned tasks and does them in the simplest way possible, using a wizard-like approach that guides you through every step of the process configuration.

To summarize a backup, it comes down to selecting the target (folder, database, system registry, etc), choosing the backup type and factors, compression level and encryption. Using Handy Backup there aren’t all that many difficult decisions to make, except maybe choosing between a full, incremental or differential backup method.

If you’re looking to backup a server or a set of files that requires a more elaborate process, Handy Backup enables you to run third party applications before and after the event takes place. Moreover, you can have the application send email notifications that let you know whether a task finished smoothly or if any errors occurred.

A no-nonsense backup solution

With the above to consider and a few more things to discover along the way, it’s safe to say that Handy Backup is a good solution for anyone who is looking to secure their files or restore them when necessary.

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