Handball Scoreboard Pro

Create Handball scoreboards with this easy to use and flexible application that allows you to customize buzzer, horn and timeout sounds.

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Handball Scoreboard Pro Description

Handball Scoreboard Pro is a lightweight and highly customizable virtual scoreboard that allows users to control all aspects of score-keeping.

Keep track of all match details

After the two teams have been defined, operating the resource is really easy. All it takes is clicking on the intuitive buttons, in order to make the necessary score changes.

A very handy feature is that the software comes with built-in hotkeys for every core function. The keys themselves can be defined by users.

This is highly useful, since the person keeping the score has to also view the actual game. These shortcuts facilitate program operation with little effort.

The application is quite comprehensive, in that all the elements that are visible on a standard board can be modified by users. This includes timeouts, the time and, of course, the actual score.

Allows a high degree of customization

Besides hotkeys, Handball Scoreboard Pro does allow even more freedom. One could, for example, change the sounds used by the application. This is a nice touch since buzzers and horns specific to the home team can be loaded!

Virtually everything displayed on the board can have its color adjusted. The font color used for the period, penalty, score and even the team can be customized.

Another interesting function is the ability to change the text strings displayed by default. Essentially, this allows translating the scoreboard to any desired language.

Recommended for professionals

Handball Scoreboard Pro is a great tool for anyone in the business of keeping track of Handball scores. The software allows a very high degree of customization and the ability to translate the board is a nice touch!

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