Hand Tint Pro

Stylize your pictures by applying filters, color adjustments and artistic effects with one mouse click, in this comprehensive application.

  • Hand Tint Pro
  • Version :1.0.4
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :JixiPix, LLC

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Hand Tint Pro Description

Hand Tint Pro is a reliable program that allows you to modify images and apply impressive graphic effects, such as colorize, glow or texture overlay. The application features a comprehensive set of presets, which you can manually adjust after applying them to your picture.

Adjustable photo filters

Hand Tint Pro features numerous picture filter templates that you may apply to your image with one mouse click. The image properties panel on the left features the editing options, which are individualized for each type of template. You may add image noise to each photo, as well as overlay one of the nature textures.

The program also allows you to edit attributes such as color channels, overlay color, contrast, as well as to automatically create vintage picture effect. Moreover, you can modify the level of strength for each type of effect: soften, texture, paper surface or grain. The software enables you to overlay several effects, by working with multiple layers.

Painting options for advanced photo manipulation

Hand Tint Pro allows you to manually paint over the areas you wish to modify, in ‘Paint Vintage Photo’ This tool is designed to help you add old-age effect to your photo, while maintaining your favorite colors. The effect implies covering the picture with a semi-transparent sepia layer, on top of which you can colorize using various brush sizes and the desired color.

You can create several layers, therefore creating a complex filter, which suits the content of your image. The preview button temporarily removes the filter to reveal the initial image so that you can compare the before-and-after or the stages of editing.

Photo manipulation made easy

Thanks to its structure, Hand Tint Pro can be used by both professionals and beginner users. It offers several templates that you can apply to the image as they are, but it also features a large set of adjustable parameters. You may use the extensive color palette, as well as the paper overlay and the smart brushes. The program can be installed as stand alone or as a Photoshop plugin.

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