Using this straightforward application radio amateurs can create ADI databases and they can also export log data directly to MixW2.

  • Version :18.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jochanan Agam

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HAM-LOG Description

HAM-LOG is a lightweight software application built specifically for helping you to keep track and manage radio signals.

The benefits of portability

The installation process runs smoothly and all you need to do is select a folder where you want the files to be copied. The application can be run from any portable device since it doesn’t write any data in the registry and the settings files are stored in the program directory.

Clear-cut interface

The interface of HAM-LOG is user-friendly and displays the buttons that allow you to manage your QSO data.

When adding a new QSO contact, a window is displayed where you can specify various information, such as mode, name, call and QTH (station’s location), then select the frequency and the appropriate QSL letter.

The utility offers you the possibility to sort the entries in your database by date, MHz, name or by QTH. You can also perform a search through your data using a word your specify only a part of it.

Furthermore, HAM-LOG provides you with the feature to export your logs to various formats, such as MixW, TXT and ADIF, or just print them.

The Settings window enables you to customize the application to fit your needs. From the View tab, you can change the aspect of the interface and the information that should be displayed.

Additionally, HAM-LOG allows you to select the format of the merged files and choose the destination folder of the Info files, in case you want it to be different from the default one.


Overall, HAM-LOG is a great tool for amateur radio operators that want to easily keep track of their radio contacts and messages.

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