Improve your overall productivity with the help of this streamlined productivity application that enables you to speed up your searches on your computer and on the Internet.

  • Hain
  • Version :0.6.4
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Heejin Lee

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Hain Description

With a rather inspired name that means “servant” in Korean, Hain is a simplistic and useful piece of software designed to provide lightning-fast and extended search capabilities both on your computer and on the Internet.

You can start working with this Electron-based Windows launcher right away after undergoing a typical installation.

One hotkey away from the files you need

The application’s main window can be summoned by clicking on the system tray icon or, even faster, with the help of the default, and quite handy, keyboard combination, ALT + SPACE.

This said, you can easily start searching for files or folders, use specific commands for restart or quitting Hain (/restart, respectively /quit) and even type basic mathematical operations by adding “=” before anything.

Quickly search and access data with the help of Hain

In addition, you can look up information on the Internet by typing website addresses in the upper command bar. Upon typing the web address, it will be automatically opened with the help of your computer’s default web browser.

Another noteworthy feature is the fact that Hain comes with a Package Manager that enables you to improve the app’s functionality thanks to a set of plug-ins which can be installed with a simple mouse click.

Stripped-down Windows launcher that could do with a few more features

Despite its efficiency, the utility is still a bit too simplistic to compete with the heavy-weight productivity apps. It would have been even better if it would allow you to control individual native Windows straight from its window.

What is more, it is a shame that Hain does not enable you to manage your clipboard content and that it does not allow you to save your most-used text clips as snippets, just to provide a few examples.

Improve your workflow and reduce time for accessing content

Taking all of the above into consideration, Hain is an intuitive and simplistic app that enables you to speed up your workflow by offering a quick way to search for content on your computer and the Internet, without feeling obtrusive.

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