Effortlessly share and download your favorite torrents with the help of this lightweight and web based BitTorrent software solution.

  • Hadouken
  • Version:5.2.0 (ee1b56f)
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Viktor Elofsson

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Hadouken Description

Hadouken is a reliable tool designed to assist you in downloading files via torrents. The program acts as a browser-based BitTorrent client, plus it allows you to view and manage the file transfers. You may view the associated peers and the download/upload speed.

Simple to use torrent downloader

Hadouken can help you manage downloading or uploading files via torrents, in a simple, comprehensive environment. The tool allows you to easily import torrent files from local folders or paste in its download URL. Once the file is imported, the download can start and you may control its course.

After installing Hadouken, you can either set it to automatically open or copy the following address in the browser of your preference: http://localhost:7070/gui/index.html . You need to enter the username and password to access the program’s interface where your downloaded torrents are saved. Even after the download is finished, the torrent remains active, as a peer for uploading the contents.

Quickly manage the file download

Hadouken offers you a large range of options that you can use to control the download. You may start or pause the transfer at any time, force start it, label the torrent, copy the magnet URL or force the torrent re-check.

In case you wish to erase the torrent you have two options: only erase it from the download list or delete it along with the downloaded data. You may view a list of trackers, bandwidth settings or path of the torrent in the Properties window.

View torrent/download properties

Hadouken features a comprehensive interface, which you can access from your browser. You can sort the existing torrents by their status, view them in the list or analyze their details in the properties bar. It displays the peers associated with each download, as well as the contained files, the transfer speed and activity log.

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