Use your mouse to select the area you want to take a picture of and quickly share it with your friends on various social networks.

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Gyazo Description

Capturing your screen can come in handy for testing purposes and can even be the winning argument in a dispute. An abundance of applications are available on the Internet that give you this ability, amongst which is Gyazo.

Drag your mouse to capture

A simple screenshot can be taken using the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard however, it can take a little time until you get the end result, and accidentally pressing it again will replace the one you actually needed. You can leave those worries behind, because Gayzo will assure you that nothing will be lost.

The application lets you get a hold of the desired picture as fast as possible. To do so, not even a main window is available, you simply run the application, drag your mouse around the details you want to include in your image, and it automatically uploads the result to a dedicated server, all of which are stored in your account.

Speed over anything else

Although it lets you quickly grab anything of interest, there are a few limitations. If further post processing needs to be done you will have to forget about it, the pictures are not saved to your computer and you need to download them in order to apply any modifications. Furthermore, the application automatically closes after a capture. It would have been useful to use a combination of hotkeys to activate the utility whenever you needed it, rather than running it again every time.

Quickly share with your friends

Once your image gets uploaded to the dedicated server, a web browser is brought up giving you the ability to share your result on various social network sites. This helps a little, seeing how you are not given the option to directly save the screenshot on your computer.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Gyazo does its job well, but is not a pro. It tries to put speed above anything else however, having to run the application each time you need to take a screenshot might make you change your mind. Its main advantages are the easy capturing method and the ability to quickly share everything.

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