Encode images using Google’s powerful Guetzli algorithm, with the help of this lightweight app that provides you with an intuitive GUI for the command-line tool.

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Guietzli Description

The Guetzli JPEG encoder developed by Google has numerous potential uses, as it can significantly reduce the file size of images while also producing high-quality results. However, the command-line tool provided by Google isn’t exactly novice-friendly.

Guietzli aims to offer a solution, in the form of an intuitive application that lets you take advantage of the encoder’s capabilities from an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

There are good reasons to use Guetzli, despite its drawbacks

In a nutshell, the algorithm developed by Google enables users to create JPEG images that are considerably smaller (up to 35%) than those generated by other encoders, while also minimizing quality loss.

The downside is that compression takes a very long time, and the encoder also requires a significant amount of system resources to get the job done.

Say goodbye to the Command Prompt and get things done with an intuitive GUI

Guetzli offers pretty much the same features as Google’s command-line utility, the only exception being that you cannot regulate memory usage. PNG and JPG files can be processed in batches, and you can define the output quality and select the target folder.

To make things even easier, files can be loaded directly from your desktop with drag and drop actions. If you add any by accident, you can remove them just as easily.

Novice-friendly tool that can download Guetzli automatically

If you have already downloaded Google’s JPEG encoder, you only need to place it in Guietzli’s root folder. However, the application can also look for the latest version on the web automatically.

The encoding process is very straightforward, but you should be prepared to wait quite a while for it to be completed. Files are removed from the list once encoded, so it is possible to keep track of the job’s progress to a certain extent.

On the whole, Guietzli is an excellent alternative to the command-line tool offered by Google for its innovative JPEG encoder. It greatly simplifies the process, allowing even novices to create small, high-quality JPEG files.

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