Block the access of unauthorized users to your computer or to certain applications and let the program take snapshots relaying the desktop activity.

  • Guard
  • Version :1.0.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Dipan Samanta

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Guard Description

Guard is a small program, designed to protect your private data by blocking the access of other users to your applications. The tool allows you to provide a master password, with the purpose of locking the applications and can automatically turn off the PC if the entered keyphrase is wrong.

Quickly setup the master password

Guard prompts you to provide a master password the first time you open it before you can view the rest of the interface. This strategy allows you to ensure a high level of protection before you can even make other settings.

Once the password is set, you can change it from the Settings window, which is also locked by the same code. The other tabs in the Settings window allow you to select the processes you wish to protect and add them to the list.

The program also features a screenshot capturing function, designed to automatically create snapshots of your desktop and reveal any user’s activity on your PC.

Issues regarding the interface and functionality

Guard should be a reliable security tool, however, several errors hinder its functionality and effectiveness. The programs you add to the ‘blocked’ list are not blocked and can be accessed without providing any password. Instead, opening the Settings tab requires that you provide the password.

The program cannot run in the background or in hidden mode and it cannot even run minimized in the taskbar. It does not place an icon in the taskbar, to indicate it is active and does not feature a Close button. Additionally, once activated, the Guest function saves a screenshot per second, without any limitations.

A security tool that cannot run in stealth mode

Guard is designed to be a security tool that can protect your computer from unauthorized use. However, not only does it fail to block the access to any applications, but it stays on the desktop at all times. Moreover, its interface starts in ‘roll-up’ mode, but it can be restored by double-clicking on it.

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