GSA PR Emulator

Filter good and bad quality URLs by verifying their page ranks, with this useful program that also includes a powerful proxy scraper.

  • GSA PR Emulator
  • Version :1.22
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GSA

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GSA PR Emulator Description

Since Google discontinued its PageRank service in April 2016, many SEO tools have been left without a reliable method of filtering URLs. In the absence of quality metrics, it can be very difficult to sort good URLs from bad ones.

GSA PR Emulator is a nifty program designed to offer an alternative. It provides you with the classic PR values you are probably accustomed to by taking advantage of other services that offer usable metric data.

Filter URLs and domains by analyzing their page rank

The application replaces the defunct Google Page Rank with data obtained from other sources, such as Yandex, AlexaRank, TrustFlow, CitationFlow and SemRushRank.

You need only load a list of URLs from a standard text file and specify which service you want to use. However, you also have the option of excluding domains that have very low rankings.

Includes a powerful proxy scraper

In order to avoid being blocked from various services, proxies should be used, and the program includes a built-in scraper that can help you find as many addresses as you need.

You can specify which proxy sources should be used, and the program is even capable of testing the acquired servers, so as to ensure they can be used to verify page ranks.

Moreover, GSA PR Emulator can search for new proxies at regular intervals without requiring additional user input.

Easy-to-use application that features a somewhat outdated interface

Novices should not find the program to be particularly challenging, and the extensive available documentation certainly helps in this regard.

However, while the user interface has a relatively intuitive layout, the application certainly does not excel in the looks department.

In conclusion, GSA PR Emulator is a helpful utility that enables you to filter URLs using metric data obtained from a number of sources, and it also comes equipped with a useful proxy scraper. It seeks to offer an alternative to the discontinued Google PageRank service and, on the whole, it does its job well.

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