GSA Image Spider

Extract and download images from specific URLs or search for files on multiple web pages, with this lightweight piece of software.

  • GSA Image Spider
  • Version :2.92
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GSA

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GSA Image Spider Description

You might often find yourself wishing there was a simple way to extract multiple images from a specific website or search for photos matching certain criteria on the Internet.

GSA Image Spider is a useful tool, designed to help you find and download image files from specific URLs and can also search the web for photos based on provided keywords.

Extract images from websites

You can enter a custom URL, to be used as a start page for the parsing operation. Then, you can specify how many levels of sublinks the application should process, as well as have the program include only pages within the current host.

You can preview the downloaded images in a separate pane and save the current search settings to a project file.

Optionally, GSA Image Spider can process only pages that contain certain words or phrases.

Search for images based on keywords

The application allows you to extract images not just from specific websites, but can use a built-in search engine to find content on web pages around the world.

You can enter one or more keywords, specify whether or not photo sharing sites should be included in the search and define how many results can be parsed.

Adjust search and download parameters

If you only want GSA Image Spider to process images that match certain criteria, you can add various rules and filters.

For example, the application can download images that are above a certain file size or exceed preset dimensions.

Furthermore, it is possible to define multiple filters, so that only certain image formats or files with specific names are included. Also, the application can ignore certain URLs and domains.

All in all, GSA Image Spider is a handy application that allows you to easily extract and download images from specific URLs or websites around the world. It is easy-to-use, but features a slightly outdated interface.

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