GSA Image Analyser

Software application that lets users analyze 2D images fast and easy with the help of user-friendly tools, running on low system resources.

  • GSA Image Analyser
  • Version :4.1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GSA

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GSA Image Analyser Description

With the help of GSA Image Analyser you can analyze 2D images in a comfortable working environment.

The interface is user-friendly. At startup you can use the simple wizard to select the analysis method (e.g. automatic area calculation, manual object count, object intersection point calculation with raster), along with a way to retrieve image data (e.g. open image, create a new one, open pictures in stack).

When opening a file, it is possible to specify the horizontal and vertical DPI, magnification factor, and color depth.

So, you can view the density, surface, length and sum, enable object recognition mode, as well as configure settings, such as values for object and background recognition, color method for analysis (black and white, grayscale, colored), and zoom level.

It is also possible to view a histogram and make some adjustments (gray or color value, show values, 3D view), and print it or save the numerical values to a TXT or CSV file for further evaluation. Settings may be restored to their factory values.

A help file is available for users who are less experienced in this type of programs. GSA Image Analyser needs a very low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly, so it does not burden overall performance or disrupt the activity of other applications.

The tool did not cause the operating system to hang, crash or show error messages throughout our evaluation. It has a good response time to key strokes and mouse commands. To conclude, GSA Image Analyser should be appealing to users who want to quickly evaluate 2D images, especially the ones with some background in such apps.

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