Graphic editor that offers great support for a wide variety of picture formats, with a very small system installation footprint, while working with all Command Prompt interfaces available.

  • GraphicsMagick
  • Version :1.3.26
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Bob Friesenhahn

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GraphicsMagick Description

GraphicsMagick is an image editor developed to read, write, and manipulate images using a set of tools that can be accessed via GUI and Command Prompt as well.

Great flexibility

The editing tools GraphicsMagick provides will allow users to manipulate images coming in over 88 major formats that include JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, and so on.

The image editing app offers two ways to enable photo editing. The first is via UI, and it allows users to manipulate their pictures by editing them using the buttons in the top bar.

The second one is via command prompt where more tech-savvy users will be able to make more precise changes in their photos. C, C++, Lua, Python, and other programming interfaces are also supported, but they do essentially the same thing a normal user would do via the app’s integrated UI.

Multi-threaded image processing

GraphicsMagick allows multi-threaded image processing as well. Using OpenMP tasks are given linearly to the processor as cores are being added. Additionally to this flexible way of processing images, GraphicsMagick is very well optimized when it comes to operating systems. It can run on any 32-bit or 64-bit OS and can even run on all Linux-based operating systems. Apple and older Windows operating systems are also supported.

Simple design means increased efficiency

Basic tools include cropping, flipping, rotating, edge trimming, and many other simple editing options that users can perform with minimum system resources, no matter how large or what format their pictures are.

Because it’s not doing too much except some basic picture manipulation and editing, GraphicsMagick doesn’t put a heavy burden on your system. It has a pretty small installation footprint of about 16MB, and it won’t conflict with any other installed software programs either. However, instability issues did occur. We discovered that most of the times after we decided to undo a change in our editing process, GrpahicsMagick would simply decide to crash on us unexpectedly.


GraphicsMagick is a great app for those who can handle image editing in its most basic form while also mastering Command Prompt and other interfaces. While offering a good amount of editing tools, there’s nothing GraphicsMagick can do what other alternative apps can’t. Either you chose to manipulate your pictures via Photo Viewer, Paint, or GraphicsMagick, your end result might be the same. Add to that instability issues, and you will quickly decide if your default installed editor is better than what GraphicsMagick has to offer.

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