A powerful audio software that provides you with the means to create and play music as you would do with a real, genuine pipe organ.

  • GrandOrgue
  • Version:0.3.1 Build 2164
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:jlder

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GrandOrgue Description

GrandOrgue is a powerful pipe organ simulator that provides users with a versatile practice environment, sustained by samples that can help in the process of learning to play such an instrument.

It is an open-source project, which means commercial use is permitted without restrictions. As such, it is fit for home users, as well as for organizations that require a professional toolset for practicing with virtual pipe organs.

GrandOrgue relies on a speedy and complication-free installation process, following which you can get acquainted with the program’s interface. Due to the fact that a sample database is loaded each time you launch the program, startup is a slow process, so patience is required on your side.

On the upside, getting to know the program is a pleasant process; it sports an intuitive and user-friendly interface that accommodates the virtual instrument, together with extensive controls for keys and notes. Additional functions are available inside the menus and the quick toolbar, with access to the most common commands.

GrandOrgue holds a number of six presets that are customizable to their finest detail and between which you can switch seamlessly. Moreover, a rich set of ‘temperament’ profiles that can further enrich your practice are put at your disposal, aided by various effects, as well as adjustments of the pedals.

The Settings window adjacent to the organ is even more generous in customizations, allowing you to tailor the instrument according to your needs by mastering all the samples that come with the program.

In conclusion, GrandOrgue comes across as a powerful instrument emulator designed for professional musicians. Provided that you connect it to a MIDI device, it can produce shockingly accurate sounds.

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