An application that enables you to batch download pictures from a wide variety of image boards, as well as rename them using custom formatting strings.

  • Grabber
  • Version :4.1.1
  • License :Apache License 2.0
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Bionus

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Grabber Description

Image board are places where, as the name implies, people gather to share pictures related to their common interests. These website usually contain massive amounts of images, so it can be rather difficult to search or download them manually.

Automatically search for pictures on multiple websites at once

Grabber is a useful software utility that enables you to search a multitude of such website and download the results to your computer in batch mode. The list of available image boards can be modified if you are not satisfied with the selection and you can add credentials for each of them, in case the websites require authentication in order to download the pictures.

In order to avoid certain images from being displayed after a search, you can make use of the blacklist option and enter specific tags for the program to look for when you are performing a search. The results containing the said keywords are hidden from the return query. In addition, you can also make a whitelist and automatically download items containing the chosen tags.

Rename the downloaded files and add images to the favorites list

Grabber enables you to use custom formatting patterns in order to automatically rename the downloaded files and get rid of the randomly generated original filename. The renaming can be classic, using plain text, or you can employ Javascript renaming methods and use code to properly change the output filename of the items.

In addition, every picture is saved in the downloads section of the application and you can easily select them as favorites and display the image titles with a different font and text color. Furthermore, you can change the text color for almost any type of items inside the program, including ignored, artists and blacklisted images.

In conclusion

Thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use interface, as well as the wide range of available image board, Grabber can be a good choice for anyone interested in downloading pictures from image boards, regardless of their experience level.

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