GPL Ghostscript

A multi-purpose software that can be used as an inside engine for PDF viewing and printing application, as well as for developing such programs.

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GPL Ghostscript Description

GPL Ghostscript is a software package that bundles interpreters for PostScript languages and PDF files, as well as a collection of C procedures for implementing filtering and graphics.

Due to its robust engine, GPL Ghostscript has many uses in computer software, in areas that include PDF viewing and conversion, raster computer printers and programming, the last of which serves to create scripts and applications related mostly to the PDF format.

The fact that it achieves so much at no cost quickly made it a worthy candidate for porting to other operating systems other than Windows, such as Unix, Linux, MAC, FreeDos, Amiga OS, MS-DOS and OpenVMS.

While developers are using it to create libraries and apps, the end user is enjoying the perks of GPL Ghostscript sometimes without even knowing it. In fact, there are a number of popular applications that depend on Ghostscript in order to open or convert PostScript and PDF files.

Software such as IrfanView or Inkscape are currently using it for PDF viewing capabilities, not to mention the number of virtual printers that are counting on it for PDF creation and printing.

GPL Ghostscript is also known for its ability to convert PostScript files to PDF, as well as to turn PDF documents to raster images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG). This is usually done with the aid of a virtual printer that can be implemented using, of course, Ghostscript.

The set of C procedures bundled inside it may prove of great assistance to developers, allowing for the implementation of graphics and filtering, including data compression and decompression inside dedicated PDF applications.

On an ending note, GPL Ghostscript is a multi-purpose software that can be used as an engine for viewing and converting PDF and Postscript documents, as well as a steady development platform.

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