Spread your work on multiple desktops that can be accessed through hotkeys or fully customizable menus for more flexibility and comfort.

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goScreen Description

With the abundance and diversity of games and utilities you can install and run on a computer, it’s pretty difficult to keep a clean desktop. Shortcuts and folders all pile up in different shapes or basic layout and you waste a lot of time finding the one you need. Luckily, applications like goScreen let you set up multiple desktop environments for a better managements of your visual space.

Provides enhanced flexibility

Right from the start you get to enjoy four times the flexibility of a desktop, with them automatically created. A menu is placed on your screen displaying all of them along with active programs, which you can move from one to another.

Desktop icons are cleverly arranged, as well as windows so that the menu doesn’t overlap anything. However, there’s an option to make it hide when not used, or even not displayed at all and simply have desktops changed through the use of hotkeys.

Visual customization and accessibility tweaks

The application makes you feel in control, with beginners benefiting from an impressive array of visual and functional customization settings, as well as experts than can create or load their own commands and scripts to automate certain tasks.

Starting with the number of desktops you can create, there’s a lot of variety for tweaks in terms of visuals and accessibility. Considerable effort was put into development, with practical and comprehensive menus and confirmation buttons fitted with multiple choices that let you select target to apply chances to.

You can have programs automatically start when switching to a particular screen, as well as processes by simply typing it in a dedicated field. Sadly, there’s no management options as far as shortcuts and other desktop icons are concerned, and it would have been useful to have the liberty to design more layouts.

A few last words

Bottom line is that goScreen is an application you need to consider if you’re having trouble working with window spread on a single desktop. It’s polished from all points of view, with noticeable effort put into development reflected in the variety and amount of customization options that let you tweak both visual and functional features.

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