Thoroughly index your sports or game card collections with the help of this Electron-based and very user-friendly piece of software.

  • Gordie
  • Version :0.1.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Gordie

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Gordie Description

Whether you enjoy collecting hockey, football, baseball, basketball or even other games-related types of cards, keeping your collections as well organized as possible has lots of benefits.

One of the essential steps towards having a well-organized card collection is, of course, the cataloging of all available cards. This can be achieved with the help of specialized spreadsheet apps or you could give Gordie a try.

In just a few words, Gordie is an Electron-based app that provides you with a streamlined way to organize and sort your card collections on Windows and Linux alike.

Easy to get started with

Since it does not require installation, you can get started with this utility by simply unzipping its package and by launching it via the designated executable file. Upon first launching it, you are greeted by a barren main window that displays the total number of cards and collections it currently stores.

You can start organizing your valuable cards by first adding new collections and then manually having to input data about each one, such as the year it was produced, the producer or the card’s name and the number.

Import and export cards, as well as backup your collections with ease

With this in mind, the application offers a simplistic and straightforward way of organizing your card collections via the previously mentioned criteria. It is worth mentioning that you can quickly import and export cards with the help of the designated buttons from the top toolbar.

Although the app saves all your data automatically, it is a good thing that it also provides you with an option to backup your card collections, just to be on the safe side. Please note that this is possible by accessing the ‘Gordie’ menu and that your collections will be backed up to .JSON files.

One of the easiest ways to organize your card collection using a computer

Taking everything into consideration, while it may not provide you with the most comprehensive or sophisticated way of sorting your card collections, there is no denying the app’s usefulness.

Simplicity, a clean interface, user accessibility and the fact that it can be run just as efficiently on two of the most popular OSs out there are the utility’s main ‘selling’ points.

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