GoPro VR Player

Enjoy playing 360 action videos on your computer by turning to this application, which features an extensive configuration window with advanced adjustments.

  • GoPro VR Player
  • Version:2.3.1 / 3.0.0 Beta 1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Kolor

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GoPro VR Player Description

If you own multiple GoPro cameras, you should probably know that it is possible to use them to record 360 action videos by linking multiple devices.

GoPro VR Player is one of the software solutions that can help you enjoy the contents that you have created with your GoPros on your computer without significant efforts.

Play 360 action videos

GoPro VR Player is a lightweight, yet powerful player that lets you enjoy 360 videos on your computer by simply loading the corresponding file and operating its basic playback controls.

When you open the application, you are prompted to import a supported video by either dragging it and dropping it on the main window or by selecting it from your local storage manually. More so, clicking the Open Media button from the File menu also lets you load an online video stream, depending on your preferences.

Easy to use

This application comes with a simplistic, user-friendly interface, making it possible that even novices can make use of its capabilities without significant efforts. After loading a file, you can play or pause it, adjust its volume and enable full-screen view mode.

Exploring the video can be done by clicking, holding and dragging anywhere in the main window. Given that the videos are shot in 360, you can look around you as if you were part of the recording experience.

Handy configuration menu

GoPro VR Player provides you with a Preferences menu where you can adjust general settings, but also more specific ones, related to video encoding, master/slave or controllers.

Among the General Settings tab, it is possible to find input type, input stereoscopy, output projection and output display options. Choosing your favorite decoding mode can be done from the Video Decoding tab. The Master/Slave category lets you choose your preferred communication mode, while the Advanced one can help you force OpenGL usage, enable shared memory or force BGRA.

Lightweight 360 video player with advanced configuration options

All things considered, GoPro VR Player is a lightweight, yet reliable application that helps you enjoy 360 video content on your computer without efforts. It comes with an easy to use interface but packs a handy configuration menu that lets you adjust advanced parameters.

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