Google Dictionary for Chrome

Look up unknown words with the help of this Chrome extension that provides you with comprehensive definitions right within the browser.

  • Google Dictionary for Chrome
  • Version :4.0.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Google

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Google Dictionary for Chrome Description

Since the web is based on scriptural principles, you are exposed to incommensurable quantities of text either in your language or a foreign one, so the risk of stumbling upon content that you can’t easily understand is rather high.

Google Dictionary for Chrome is a browser extension that offers to remove any linguistic chaos that might want to surround you since it provides you with useful definitions for any word you may encounter in your online quests.

Chrome extension that can enhance your vocabulary

As mentioned, Google Dictionary is a Chrome addon that brings closer to you an invaluable resource that should considerably improve your language skills. It is worth mentioning that it is not intrusive in any way and that it packs an “Options” section letting you easily configure its behavior.

To be more specific, what the browser extension can do is prompt you with handy explanations for any word you may not know once you carry out a specific action. Clicking on the app’s icon in the toolbar allows you to type in specific words you may be interested in, but its main functionality is related to how it can handle text you read online.

Provides you with definitions for words you select or double-click

Thus, Google Dictionary can open a pop-up bubble once you double-click or select a word, with the possibility of associating a trigger key with any of these two actions.

As for what the popup contains, it comes with a simplified definition as well as the word’s pronunciation, which is a great addition. In case you want to further explore said word, that is possible as well by clicking the “More” button, which initiates a Google search for a comprehensive display of meanings.

Supports a multitude of languages

Other than that, you may also want to know that the Chrome extension can also store your word history so that you know precisely how the learning process has evolved over time.

Regarding the languages the addon can provide definitions in, your choices are quite varied, with English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Korean, and Spanish being just a few of your options.

Noteworthy educational resource

All in all, Google Dictionary is a great means of enhancing your vocabulary since it can offer handy definitions for the words whose meaning does not ring a bell to you. The addon in not intrusive in any way, and adjusting its reactions so that you work with it in a comfortable manner is possible, and that makes a great companion when exploring text whose meaning you are unsure of.

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