Good Times

An intuitive application that helps you manage a racing event, by providing you with a database that can store contests and participants.

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Good Times Description

In order to manage and host a racing event, you need to be able to administrate it. This means that you need to register all the participants and time their performance in order to determine a winner. Done manually, this can take a lot of time and effort, as you need to write down all the details of each participant.

Using software solutions, such as Good Times, you can avoid such problems, as the program provides you with a robust environment for creating races and adding participants to the database. In order to properly function, the application requires .Net Framework and Microsoft SQL Server installed on your computer, although they come bundled with the installer.

Comprehensive participant database management tool that offers timing options

The application can help you avoid a lot of paperwork, by providing you with a stable virtual environment for creating racing contests and saving details about each participant. Furthermore, you can manage the prize details and awarding system of each race, so that each contestant will know what they’re racing for.

Besides, the program allows you to use RFID tools in order to automatically register the time of each contestant, acting as a virtual stopwatch timer.

Dependable contest creator with contestant prize award distribution

Depending on the time scored by each race contestant, Good Times can compare the fastest one with the others, thus determining a winner.

This means that you do not have to search and compare race times on paper, as the program can determine the winner of a race on the spot, by comparing the times each on registered

A powerful and complex database management tool with an emphasis on race events

As a conclusion, Good Times can help you manage any racing event, by providing you with the tools needed to register any contest details, along with any participant that wants to take part.

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