Efficiently record and share your on-screen activity with the help of streamlined and versatile tool that allows you to capture screenshots, record your webcam feed and even in-game action.

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GOM Cam Description

As we are sure you already know, most OSes do not bundle default applications for screen capturing. Therefore, if you want to record your on-screen activity, you have no choice but to turn to specialized, third-party apps.

Created by the development team behind the famous GOM Player, GOM Cam is a versatile, novice-accessible and feature-packed utility that allows you to capture screenshots in a wide variety of ways and record your screen activity, webcam feed or in-game action, as well as the means to share them to Facebook, YouTube and Google Drive.

Easy to install and to get started with

Subsequent to a typical installation process and upon first launching the utility, you are met by a compact main window and a black-themed, modern-looking user interface.

Basically, the main window is the place where all your recordings or screenshots will be displayed. From the left-sided toolbar, you can effortlessly access the app’s three main and self-explanatory recording modes, namely ‘Screen’, ‘Webcam’ and ‘Game.’

Intuitive and very efficient recording modes

The latter ones are quite straightforward, as they enable you to capture video footage from a single webcam or multiple ones and, of course, record epic gaming sessions.

This said, the firstly mentioned recording mode is the one you will certainly be most interested in. Upon selection, you are provided with an intuitive selection tool that allows you to crop or select portions of your screen in which the recordings will take place.

Record your on-screen activity with the help of this versatile app

Your selection will then be wrapped around a thin-framed window on top of which you will notice a minimalist toolbar. This is probably the best time to point out just how usable and user-orientated this app really is.

To prove this point, you can move the previously mentioned recording window by grabbing the top toolbar until it perfectly suits your needs and, even better, you can resize it at will, in case you didn’t get the dimensions right from the start.

Provides you with an interesting selection of tools for enhancing your recordings

Once the target area has been defined, you can start video-recording your activity, instantly capture screenshots, annotate your recordings with the help of some intuitive drawing tools and even schedule recordings.

The toolbar provides you with quick access to yet another useful feature that allows you to add certain effects to your recordings. For example, you can add your webcam feed within your actual recording, as well as add custom text and image watermarks.

Despite its relatively young development stage, it proves to be one of the best apps of its kind

To conclude, GOM Cam is a comprehensive and very versatile piece of software for capturing your screen activity. With a user-friendly and modern-looking interface, a set of efficient and very intuitive tools and fast sharing options, this utility really ticks all the right boxes and can surely be used by a wide array of users, regardless of their computer experience.

Since the app is still in an early Beta development stage, some bugs are to be expected but, truth be told, we have not encountered any of them during our tests.

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