GoldBug Instant Messenger

Secure P2P instant messenger that ensures private communication based on multi-encryption technology and wrapped in a user-friendly interface.

  • GoldBug Instant Messenger
  • Version :3.5
  • License :BSD License
  • OS :Windows All
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GoldBug Instant Messenger Description

Communication has been significantly boosted with the Internet catching up ground in the media world. Multiple types of chat applications and clients are available for use, but communication over the web isn’t quite secure. However, you can also rely on special types of clients like GoldBug Instant Messenger which encrypt messages for more security.

Can be used on the go

You can go ahead and launch the application right after download, skipping you the effort of going through a setup process. This enables you to carry it around on a USB flash drive, which is a neat advantage, because you can keep all configurations saved, and just start chatting from other computers.

First of all, the connection needs to be set up, as well as credentials. Unlike most chat clients, you need to provide a long password of at least 16 characters, or a question and answer based security option, so the application can use your input in the encryption algorithm.

As soon as you’re done configuring your credentials, and activating the kernel to enable the connection, you’re free to join different IRC channels, initiate private chat sessions, or take advantage of extra tools based on various encryption algorithms.

Multiple communication, and encryption types

There’s a default room you’re taken to, which is a good way to start off checking out the application’s potential. Sure enough, you can change it, or even stay connected on more channels at a time. However, setting up connection requires details like hash key, salt, or magnet code instead of name.

On the other hand, you can create your own chat server in case you already have a group of individuals using the application. It’s simply done by filling in details for echo mode to use, SSL key size, IP version type to use, port, and transport method.

Apart from IRC channels, you can also use the application for chat sessions with individuals from a list of friends you create. Email messages can be sent this way too, but only between other users of the same client.

The application keeps all messages secure, encrypting them with an AES algorithm. Moreover, a temporary key is created for each item, so the message can’t be traced, or decoded, even if the persistent key is somehow retrieved, because the item is already deleted by then.

On an ending note

All things considered, we can state that GoldBug Instant Messenger is a reliable messaging platform which uses different, strong encryption algorithms to make sure only you, and the interlocutor are part of the conversation. Multiple chat types are at your disposal, and even external tools for file encryption, or Rosetta CryptoPad.

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