A comprehensive application designed to be a complete tool for surveillance purposes that provides a camera database, alarm functions, remote access and scheduler.

  • go1984
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  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :logiware gmbh

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go1984 Description

The surveillance business requires solid and comprehensive software products in order to perform around the clock protection. go1984 is a powerful surveillance tool that provides numerous features.

Perform 24h surveillance with the help of go1984

The application is easy to install and enables users to add cameras to set up surveillance. Users are going to be thrilled by the extensive camera database. It is regularly updated and new products can be added manually as well.

Users must keep in mind that go1984 has some system requirements that not most computers can meet.  Depending on the number of cameras installed, recorded hours and resolution, the application can easily require a few hundred GBs a month to store all the data.

View live recording remotely from mobile devices

go1984 enables users to access their cameras’ feeds via TCP / IP from the LAN and Internet. PTZ cameras can be controlled from all standard browsers. A very nice feature is that users can access images and recordings straight from iPhone / iPad, Android smartphones and Windows Phone through the corresponding applications.

If users cannot afford to maintain 24H surveillance, the program can be set to start recording whenever the camera detects motion. This is a useful feature, saving precious memory space. Users can also be alerted via e-mail or telephone call, thus improving security.

go1984 allows you to set up custom periods of surveillance

The application provides users with a built-in scheduler, enabling the manual selection of the periods when their cameras are recording. The program also offers a ‘Holiday planner’, a feature that enables surveillance on specific days of the year.

To sum it up, go1984 is a comprehensive and powerful application. It enables users to set up various types of surveillance and provides great camera support. Its numerous features make it a competitive software, in spite of the hefty price.

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