A powerful and efficient application designed with the main purpose of plotting graphs in 2D and 3D views using mathematical data.

  • gnuplot
  • Version :5.0.6 / 5.2 RC2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :gnuplot Team

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gnuplot Description

Gnuplot is an open-source project that targets scientists, students and researches, allowing them to plot and visualize data sets in an interactive manner.

Gnuplot has been on the software market for longer than we can remember and was originally developed to sustain the efforts of academic personnel and make their work easier.

Throughout its development, Gnuplot has become an extensive platform that can be used for a wider array of purposes, including web scripting. Also, its plotting engine has been adopted by many third-party applications, such as Maxima, gretl and Octave.

Gnuplot can generate both 2D and 3D plots, being able to deliver the results on the screen in animated views, as well as to save the graphs to a variety of image formats, including PNG, SVG, JPEG and EPS.

Another use for Gnuplot is related to LaTEX code, which can be easily manipulated with its engine and even embedded inside LaTEX documents. Added to this is the support for batch scripts, which can be used to achieve automation in various systems.

Gnuplot sports a pleasant interface and gathers its feature set inside a few menus that are robust and well organized. Each menu is dedicated to achieving a major task; for instance, options related to expressions, including operators, are encased in a single menu.

Similarly, the Functions menu include both elementary and complex mathematical operations, while various chart modes and settings can be configured using the dedicated commands.

The plots are generated inside a separate window, where the 3D spatial view allows for a thorough exploration, aided by zoom functions.

All in all, Gnuplot comes across as an exceptional application that provides a rich set of plotting related features, capable of 2D and 3D rendering alike. The collection of demo files included in the package can prove most helpful to beginners.

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