GNU Solfege

Easy to use music education software.

  • GNU Solfege
  • Version:3.22.2 / 3.23.4 Unstable
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Tom Cato Amundsen

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GNU Solfege Description

One cannot detect the subtleties of music without a trained ear. GNU Solfege has been developed to help music students improve their audio perception with regards to pitch and rhythm.

Simple install routine, straightforward interface

The application installs without too much trouble and provides plenty exercises that can train the ear to recognize various melodic and harmonic intervals, chords and scales.

The interface is straightforward and lists all the exercise categories on the main screen; a search function is also available, allowing you to find the necessary resources quickly and easily.

There is also the possibility to navigate to different parts such as the page with the tests or the exercises that have been accessed most recently.

Training your ear

GNU Solfege can play a sound or a suite of sounds and you have to determine its properties, according to the exercise that has been selected. Before giving your answer the program can repeat it multiple times. The answer is provided on the spot.

Some exercise windows include a configuration panel that allows adjusting the parameters to fit your needs. Some of the options at hand include the possibility to automatically skip to the next question after a specific time interval.

The configuration panel

Setting up GNU Solfege is not a tough job if you have some knowledge about sound. The program can be configured to use a different tempo as well as work with a certain musical instrument.

Morover, it can be adapted to the user and the resources available by changing the pitch values or by selecting the desired converters and audio players.


GNU Solfege is a great training program for music aficionados and for music students. It can help train the ear to detect different properties of the musical notes and can be used by beginners and professionals alike.

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