A Graphical User Interface (GUI) front-end for the git command line tool that provides you with a wide variety of relevant functions.

  • GitForce
  • Version :1.0.47
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Goran Devic

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GitForce Description

Working as a software developer might often require you to find efficient solutions for hosting your projects and distributing them.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide variety of reliable services that you can use in the situation above, such as GitForce.

Please note that GitForce requires Git and .NET Framework installed on your computer to run as intended.

Simple user interface

Installing this application on your computer can be achieved effortlessly, since, aside from providing it with the required dependencies, it does not require any additional configuration.

Its simple, user-friendly interface as well as the straightforward functions it comes with make it highly accessible. However, since it was designed to help advanced users, such as developers or programmers, simplify their work, novices might have trouble configuring and understanding this utility.

Git frontend

GitForce is actually a visual frontend for the Git command line tool that allows users to benefit from its functions in a more intuitive manner, thanks to its Graphical User Interface (GUI).

You can create new workspaces for your project, import, load, clear, save them or edit various components, according to your preferences. It is also possible that you create change lists, move certain items and also rely on a standard command prompt tool if needed.

Works with remote repositories

Additionally, this application enables you to work with remote repositories, for a richer experience and more in-depth control over your project. Doing so is possible by defining one or multiple remote repositories and connecting to them through the dedicated menu.

You can also perform fetch, pull and push operations on the remote repository you have defined. Therefore you are provided with a wide range of capabilities.

As a conclusion

To wrap it up, GitForce is a lightweight, reliable visual frontend that allows you to use Git’s functions in a straightforward manner by providing you with a GUI and multiple powerful functions.

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