A modern implementation of version control that facilitates collaborative changes to various files and allows you to track all your projects with ease.

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Git Description

Whether you are a graphic or web designer, you surely want to keep every version of an image or layout, as well as record changes to a file or set of files over time; which is why is very wise to use a Version Control System (also known as VCS). This way, you are able to get back files to a previous state and review changes made over time.

However, when we are referring to Git and VCS, there is a huge difference between them: and that is the way of storing all the necessary information. Even though systems such as CVS, Subversion or Bazaar, to name a few, take the information and store it as a set of files, Git acts differently. It stores all the data like a set of snapshots of a mini filesystem.

Simple and intuitive commands you can make use of

By accessing the ‘–global’ option, you can easily set your user name and e-mail address, thus protecting your data and securing it from unauthorized users. Now that your identify is configured, you can easily set up the default text editor, which will be used each time you want to type in a message. By default, it will use the system’s editor, which is Vi or Vim – however, you can modify it with the help of the ‘–global core.editor’ command.

In case you want to configure the default diff tool so you can resolve all the merge conflicts, you can easily use the ‘merge.tool’ option.

All the commands that Git provides you with are very simple and easy to handle, allowing you to access them anywhere, even offline.

Manage and organize repositories securely

You can get a Git project using two main approaches: either you take an existing folder stored into your computer and import it into Git, or simply clone an existing repository from another server.

Irrespective of the option you choose to work with, the application will immediately initialize a .git directory and pull down all the necessary data. This way, you are able to record all the changes to the current repository with ease.

Practical branching and merging options

The feature that makes Git to stand out is the branching model, that allows you to run the ‘git checkout’ command, switch between testing branches and commit changes without affecting your repository.

Since a branch in Git contains 40 characters SHA-1 checksum of the commit it points to, users will find the branching option very easy and useful to work with.

A scalable and distributed revision control system

In closing, Git provides a history of all the content changes and comes in handy for users who need to handle various projects, regardless of their type and complexity.

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